Special OASA Route Program

March 16, 2020

The implementation of a special timetable on the Agency’s transport routes is now underway by OASA, due to the special purpose permits obtained by working drivers under the relevant legislative act.

With the aim of providing a seamless service to the passenger public, the urgent transport routes are adapted to the new circumstances. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, OASA takes all necessary measures, such as the systematic disinfection of trains and vehicles by specialized crews, the suspension of the front door entry measure on buses and trolleys, the placement of antiseptics on workers, ticket offices and driver’s cabs and the supply of 40,000 gloves for bus drivers.

At the same time, OASA urges passengers to minimize transactions in paper money and coins and to prefer the use of cards – credit or debit – at the ticket offices.

Also, all the screens of urban transport (subway stations, telematics stations, subway trains, etc.) constantly display informational messages reminding us of the protection and personal hygiene guidelines that everyone must observe as a measure of protection against the spread of coronavirus.