face covering

😷 Up! Face covering is now mandatory on all Public Transport

July 30, 2020

Face covering for mouth and nose are now mandatory on public transport

From Jul 15 (Wednesday), Cap. 599I, Prevention and Control of Disease (Wearing of Mask)(Public Transport) Regulation will kicks in.

All commuters onboard Public Transport in Hong Kong are now required to wear a face-covering for mouth and nose at all time. That include

  • Onboard a public transport carrier (buses, ferry, tram and etc)
  • Entering or present in an MTR paid area.
  • Public places such as bus terminals and public transport terminals (New)

Commuters who do not wear a face-covering may be asked to leave the station or public transport.

The abovementioned rules do not apply to children under the age of 2 and persons with lawful authority or reasonable excuse for not wearing a mask.

For more information on the regulation, please click here


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