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A cheaper commute to KLIA with RapidKL

February 7, 2019

    Here’s how to buy the ticket!

    RapidKL recently announced and started operating their new airport service to KLIA and klia2 on the 1st of February, running between Putra Heights LRT station and both airports. This is a good option for those not in a rush, or for residents living in/nearby Putra Heights, Puchong or USJ. The bus will run at a 30-minute frequency and take 40 minutes from Putra Heights to KLIA and another 20 minutes to klia2.


    Airport Shuttle

    Graphics: RapidKL


    The ticket costs RM10, and the best part is that it includes your train trip to Putra Heights alongside the bus to the airport! (How about that for a deal?) In this article today, we’ll show you how to buy the ticket.

    First off, the ticket should first be bought from any LRT/MRT/BRT/monorail station counters. Don’t buy an individual ticket to Putra Heights, or use your TnG card. On payment, you’ll receive a token to Putra Heights LRT (use Moovit for directions), and a receipt. Keep that receipt in your wallet; you will need it to show to the bus driver later!

    Airport Shuttle

    Here’s what you will receive. The receipt will look a bit different when you buy it from stations not on the MRT line. Courtesy of Irfan Rusmin

    Ride your way to Putra Heights, go down the escalator all the way to the bottom, and insert the token into the slot on the faregate. Once you’re out, find for directions signs for “Bas Perantara KLIA”, and follow it.


    Find for a sign like this, and follow the arrow to the bus terminal. Courtesy of Irfan Rusmin

    You should be able to see buses waiting and a waiting room once you’re there. Find for a RapidKL bus in a KLIA shuttle livery, and if it’s not there, or the bus driver isn’t in the bus; wait in the air-conditioned waiting room (not something usual you’d see in Malaysian bus stops!)

    Aircond Bus Stop

    Here’s the air-conditioned waiting room in the terminal. Nice addition for a humid country eh? Courtesy of Irfan Rusmin.

    Get your receipt ready, enter the bus and show it to the bus driver as proof of payment — and you’re on the bus! The bus will arrive at KLIA, then klia2. The bus terminals of both airports are on the lower levels, so you’ll have to ride the escalator up to the departure/arrival halls.

    For the return trip from KLIA/klia2 to Putra Heights, you can hop on the bus from the bus terminal, pay for the RM10 bus ticket once you’ve arrived at the LRT station, and get a token to the station of your choice.


    Other than the RapidKL airport shuttle, you can also take the Jetbus that plies on the same route at a lower cost of RM4 (and most of the time still cheaper even if added with RapidKL train fare — we’ve done the calculations), although way less frequent, and does not include a token. To pay for the Jetbus, you’ll have to pay for it at the ticket counter on the ground floor of Putra Heights LRT station..



    The alternative Jetbus service runs at 6am, 8am, 12pm, 2pm, 5pm and 7pm. Courtesy of Irfan Rusmin.


    With these cheaper options in mind, you won’t have to blow a hole in your wallet!

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