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Revised routing in the MVG bus network

August 25, 2019

Starting Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

Lines 57 & 143 

Development of the new district and education campus Freiham

With the start of the new school year the newly emerging district of Freiham and the educational campus there will be integrated into the existing local transport network.

Bus route 57 will be extended from its previous terminus in Neuaubing West via the new stop Hörweg, Otto-Meitinger-Straße, Helmut-Schmidt-Allee and Bildungscampus Freiham to the stop Freiham Bf. The new section will initially be served every 20 minutes. At the beginning and end of the school day additional amplifier buses are in service. All other trips coming from Laimer Platz or Pasing Bf. will end at the stop Neuaubing West as before. With increasing demand due to colonisation and use of the educational campus the offered frequency will be increased.

Bus route 143 towards Olympia-Einkaufszentrum will also have an revised route. Coming from the stop Freiham, Möbel Höffner the buses run from the stop Clarita-Bernhard-Straße via the new stops Bildungscampus Freiham and Helmut-Schmidt-Allee to the stop Ellis-Kaut-Straße and continue as before towards Blutenburg / Amalienburgstraße / Olympia-Einkaufszentrum. The stop Freiham Bf. will no longer be served in this direction, however the S8 may be reached from the stop Clarita-Bernhard-Straße by a short walk. The next connection to S-Bahn services is provided at the stop Aubing Bf. to S4.

Line 178

Towards Kieferngarten / Freimanner Hölzl the new stop Helene-Wessel-Bogen (in front of Helene-Wessel-Bogen 16) will be served between the existing stop Lotte-Branz-Straße and Margot-Kalinke-Straße.

Lines 190 & 191

After completion of the road works bus routes 190 and 191 will again run in both directions through the Werksviertel between the stops​​​ Ostbahnhof (Friedenstraße) and St. Pius from Tuesday, 10 September.

The stop St. Pius is in both directions located in Grafinger Straße, west of Aschheimer Straße / Ampfingstraße. The buses arrive at the stop Ostbahnhof (Friedenstraße) in Friedenstraße, in front of the Burger King restaurant. The departure stop towards Messestadt Ost and Zamilapark is on the opposite kerbside. The new stop August-Everding-Straße will be set up at Haager Straße / August-Everding-Straße junction.

On the turnaround the buses also serve the stop St.-Cajetan-Straße in front of the V-Markt Balanstraße.

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Geänderte Linienwege Bus 57

Geänderte Linienwege Bus 143

Geänderte Linienwege Bus 178

Geänderte Linienwege Bus 190 & 191

Source:  MVG