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Be a local hero, your 1 minutes can make a difference

December 17, 2020

    Moovit is amazing because of the help of all our users!

    Ever wondered how we get the most up to date information every time you commute with the guide from our app? From routes changes to planned disruptions? Well thanks to users like yourself who go beyond the distance and volunteer their precious time, big and small, to report changes, update changes and lead the community of amazing users community that helps! We call them Mooviters!

    You can be part of the Mooviters community in Kuala Lumpur too! By taking any of the 2 steps. Always remember that, no help is too small for your fellow commuters who rely on Moovit!

    Here’s how you can help:


    A) Notice a new schedule or changes in your line?


    Agencies do often change their schedules from time to time. You can help us maintain the most updated information in our app so that other commuters like yourself can enjoy the most accurate information and enjoy less waiting time. You can share with us the latest schedules, route changes that can be found onboard the buses and/or at the stations themselves. A photo is great! Do include more information such as your city, and line number.

    Simply share the information to us via


    B) Join Mooviter community and update the changes via Moovit Editor


    Want to be more hands on? Then join the Mooviter community in your city that helps update changes in the public transportation network every day. Moovit community members – “Mooviters” have access to use Moovit Editor which allows you to update routes, timetables and other public transportation changes with ease! To learn more about the Mooviter Community and sign yourself up, click here



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