Safety Regulations for Bike Riders on Israel Railways

January 24, 2019

    Travel on the train with your bicycle? 🚲🚝

    Check out the updates below from Israel Railways regarding train travel with bikes. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure the safety and security of yourself and those around you and guarantee a peaceful journey for all. 🙂

    Bringing your bicycles on board:

    • It is not possible to enter train stations with a bicycle with balloon wheels (wheels whose width exceeds 4″).
    • Folding bicycles can be taken on the train during all operating hours. However, between Sunday to Thursday, bicycles with wheels more than 20″, as well as non-foldable bicycles, may not be taken on the train between the hours of 06:00 – 09:00 and 15:00 – 19:00. On Fridays / Holidays, non-foldable bicycles may be taken on the train, while on Saturday evening and the evening following a holiday, non-folding bicycles may not be taken on the train.
    • Bicycles considered by an authorized official to represent a potential danger to train passengers may not be taken on the train.
    • Bicycles / Hoverboard / Scooters cannot be taken on the train of Ben Gurion Airport – Jerusalem-Yitzhak Navon.

    Bicycles within the station:

    • Riding of bicycles anywhere within the station is prohibited, including all public areas, ticket halls, platforms, and connecting passageways.
    • It is forbidden to take bicycles on the escalators.
    • It is forbidden to lock bicycles within the station area, including platforms, ticket halls and all passageways, other than in those areas specifically allocated for this purpose.
    • Bike riders should use only gates with the appropriate signs.

    Bicycles within the train:

    • Bicycles may only be carried on the designated carriage displaying the appropriate identification mark.
    • Bicycle owners must remain close to their bicycles throughout the journey to be available to the train’s inspector and to move them if necessary.
    • Bicycles must not be locked whilst on the train.
    • Electric bicycles and batteries may not be charged on the train.
    • Accessible carriage for disabled passengers should remain clear for passengers using wheelchairs.
    • Bike riders should stay by their bicycle throughout the journey so that they can be moved to make space if necessary.


    Safe Travels!