Making Mooviter History in Brazil

September 28, 2017

    The largest Mooviter meet-up in Moovit’s history took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil earlier this month, with 18 Ambassadors traveling from the far corners of Brazil for an ambitious mission: would map another of Brazil’s capital cities (while having fun). It would be their first Mooviter meet-up-mapathon. Flexing their Mooviter muscles, the Ambassadors began their greatest collaboration yet. Moovit Brazil Operations & Community Manager, Fernanda “Fe” Poretsky” flew in from Moovit Headquarters in Israel to oversee the event. Fe marveled at the almost tripling in growth the program underwent in just one year. Last year’s Mooviter meet-up attracted seven Ambassadors.

    A Model for Mooviter Potential

    The Brazilian Ambassador program began in March 2016 and speaks volumes to what can be accomplished in a short time with the right people who have the right attitude. This year’s Mooviter meet-up-mapathon was a testament to the flourishing Mooviter Community in Brazil. Beyond the exceptional turnout, strong leadership skills were on display. The more experienced Ambassadors helped the newer Ambassadors navigate the challenges the city presented.

    Fe said this showing of leadership and camaraderie is not restricted to the meet-ups. The team of Mooviters frequently collaborates on projects in the Editor. They support each other, which is how Moovit is able to support parts of Brazil absent on all other transportation apps. The strength of the Mooviter Community shines brightest where other apps are left in the dark. Strong leadership by the Brazilian Ambassadors have enabled greater accessibility to public transportation for millions of commuters.

    The Mapathon

    Aracaju, capital of the State of Sergipe was chosen as the focus of the Mapathon. There are 27 capitals in Brazil, of which Moovit covered 25–now boasting 26. Aracaju presented significant challenges, which required an exceptional team effort to overcome. Open data is limited and can be difficult to decipher and implement. On the day of the Mapathon, the Ambassadors completed over 75% of the lines required to finish Aracaju. Committed to their craft, the Ambassadors distributed the remaining lines to complete in the weeks after the event. Aracaju was launched in Moovit on August 31.

    An Epic Finish to an Epic Event

    On the second day of the Mooviter meet-up-mapathon, the Moovit Team went out into the city to enjoy Rio de Janeiro and test Moovit’s accuracy, utilizing a variety of transit types. Spoiler: Moovit smoothly guided them around the city to their delight. They began their journey on one of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines. Fittingly, they rode the BRT to the BRT operations control center in Rio de Janeiro. The Ambassadors were given a tour of the control center and received bus-themed souvenirs. Hopping back on the BRT, they made their way to the subway, which took them to lunch. After lunch, a bus carried them to the entrance to the Tijuca National Park, the largest urban jungle on Earth. The Corcovado Train, running along a rack railway, picks up where the bus leaves off and winds its way through the jungle making for some beautiful scenery. Their final destination was Corcovado Mountain, home to the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. Overlooking the bustling city below, each Ambassador took their turn ringing the Moovit Gong to commemorate their individual and collaborative accomplishments.