SEPTA – Bus to Replace Train, April 13 – 14

April 11, 2024

    Bus service replaces train service between Doylestown and Lansdale stations, April 13 – 14, due to scheduled trackwork. Train service will operate between Center City and Lansdale Station; passengers transfer to/from the shuttle bus at Lansdale Station.

    The shuttle bus does not directly service Delaware Valley University, New Britain, Colmar or 9th Street stations.

    Weekend service is not provided to Link Belt Station.

    Inbound Bus Service

    Buses depart Doylestown Station 15 minutes earlier* than regularly scheduled train time. Trains depart 6 minutes after bus arrival at Lansdale Station. Passengers should add 15 – 20 minutes to their travel time.

    *Train 571 departs Doylestown Station at 9:32 pm.

    Outbound Bus Service

    The connecting shuttle bus departs 3 minutes after train arrival. Passengers should add 10 – 15minutes to their travel time.