Don’t miss your ride - buy your bus tickets on the go

    For an even smoother journey, you can now quickly and easily buy public transit tickets on Moovit. After a short, one-time registration process, with a few clicks, your tickets will be in your hand.

    1. Select your desired ticket

    Click on “Get tickets with Moovit!” to select the ticket you would like to purchase. For first time users, you will be guided through a speedy, one-time registration process.

    Get tickets with Moovit!

    2. Confirm your purchase

    Verify your ticket selection and confirm your purchase with one click.

    Confirm your purchase

    3. Open your ticket and go!

    View your ticket immediately. In the My Tickets section you’ll be able to see all previously purchased and currently active ticket(s).

    My tickets


    Available for select agencies only