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Cashless Tips

August 22, 2019

    All Card and No Cash on RapidKL Buses. But if you’ve been paying with cash in the past. Don’t worry, you may already be able to to go 100% cashless.

    Started Friday, 1st February 2019, all Rapid kL Buses had ceased to accept cash payment for the fare. Payment of fare can only be done by using the cashless option which is the Touch n’ Go Card.


    Cashless payment

    On the bright side, you get more RM1 notes for something else, like claw machines 😀

    Been paying cash all this while? You may not notice you actually already set to change to cashless.

    Touch n’ Go (TnG) has been around since 1997. It was then the card for payment for highways. 20 years had since past and Touch n’ Go had been accepted by many retailers and services, including RapidKL buses and trains, furthermore, it is also part of the loyalty program for a various well-known retail chain. If you’re Malaysian nationals (which highly likely you are),  you already own a Touch n’ Go card integrated with your National Identity Card

    Malaysian NRIC

    Hmm. Mr Bean also have Malaysian IC?

    Rapid KL used to promote cashless in buses back in 2011 with this slightly nostalgic video

    PS: Entertainment + educational purpose.


    Beyond cashless

    Well, time to put this meme to the use! Or practice it!


    IMPORTANT: Make sure you have sufficient balance in your Touch n’ Go card before boarding.

    You ride, Moovit guides!


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