Chicago Pride Parade

June 20, 2017

    CTA Travel Information

    The 48th Annual Chicago Pride Parade takes place on Sunday, June 25, 2017 and kicks off at Montrose/Broadway at noon.

    • The new parade route begins at Montrose/Broadway, at noon, and follows Broadway south to where it meets with Halsted, continuing on Halsted south to Belmont, on Belmont east to Broadway, on Broadway south to Clark/Diversey and on Diversey east to Cannon (in Lincoln Park.)
    • Montrose will be affected between Clark and Broadway, Sunnyside between Broadway and Sheridan and Broadway between Montrose to Wilson.

    How do I get to the parade?

    With the current parade routing, which was first implemented in 2012, you can access the parade from several CTA stations, including Wilson and Sheridan.

    The Red and Brown Lines provide the closest service to the parade route with fast, frequent service:

    • From the Red Line, Wilson, Sheridan, Addison or Belmont all provide access via a short walk to the parade route.
    • From the Brown Line, Diversey, Wellington and Belmont are the nearest stations to the parade.
    • Lakefront bus routes, including the #146 and #151, provide convenient access from the north, the Gold Coast/North Michigan Avenue and downtown, to the areas east of the parade route.

    Important note regarding Belmont Station (Red, Brown lines) and surrounding area:

    • The Belmont station and the area around it tends to become the most crowded on the day of the Pride Parade.
      • We encourage you to consider avoiding this area and enjoying the parade from other parts of the route, including near Wilson and Sheridan on the Red Line.
    • Entry to the Belmont station may be restricted to the main entrance on the south side of Belmont Avenue if overcrowding occurs try instead:
      • Addison on the Red Line is just 1/2 mile (about a 10-minute walk) north of the Belmont station
      • Wellington on the Brown Line is just 1/4 mile (about a 5-minute walk) south of the Belmont station.

    Will you provide extra service?

    • Yes—we’ll be providing extra service and longer trains on the ‘L’ to accommodate the large numbers of people who attend the parade every year.
    • If possible, we encourage you to take advantage of train service due to increased local traffic near the parade route and a number of bus reroutes around it.

    What buses will be rerouted due to the parade?

    The following bus routes will be rerouted:

    Free transfer between Red and Brown Line trains is also available at Fullerton.


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