A storm is headed your way!

January 17, 2019

Major storm to shut down travel over interior Northeast this weekend

static Thu Fri snow 1/17

Static Snow X 9 am

A much more dramatic, disruptive and dangerous storm will follow approximately 36 hours later from Saturday to Sunday reaching up into Montreal & Toronto.

Static Storm 2 Fri Sun X

Keep Calm & Stay Warm

In bad weather, especially in snowy and icy conditions, government officials and the media often urge us to leave our cars at home and take public transportation. However, there are some things to keep in mind during your winter commute.

Winter travel on public transit best practices

*Check Moovit before leaving your house to plan for delays & cancellations! 

#1 Dress Warmly: 

#2 Think Ahead: 

#3 Stand at a Safe Location:

#4 Understand Why Operators Stop Where They Do:

#5 Don’t Succumb to Heater Hate:

#6 Know About Kneelers: