Edit Station - keep your city up to date!

December 14, 2016

    Transit changes all the time, and cities continue to invest more in their transit infrastructure, so today we’re adding the ability for all Moovit users to keep their cities data up to date in real time. Now, when something about a station changes, anyone can add the information to Moovit, often before it’s officially released by the transit authorities. Here’s how you can help people in your city have a smoother ride on public transit.

    How to get started

    You can edit the station location, station name, add photos of the station and more. To get started – tap the “Edit” icon at the top of the screen or the “Report an issue” which appears underneath the lines in the station.

    Edit Station Paris En 01


    Next, you’ll see the Station Details screen where you can suggest specific edits. For any station or entrance/exit, you can suggest a different location on the map, a different name, and add photos. If the station or entrance no longer exists, just turn the toggle off under the ‘Send’ icon.

    Edit Station Paris En 02

    After you suggest an edit, the Moovit team will verify the information and then publish it in the app so millions of riders like yourself can have an even smoother journey on public transportation.