Wishing you a happy holiday season 🎉

December 20, 2018

     Whether during holidays or just another day of the year, Moovit is always with you to ensure a smooth journey.

    We know the holidays can be stressful, and we’re here to help! Don’t forget to check Service Alerts in the app to stay on top of changes to your lines while traveling this holiday season.

    Sunday schedule will be in effect for Subways and Buses
    Saturday schedule will be in effect for the Staten Island Railway

    Reminder — Sunday Schedule for Subways:

    • 5 subway service runs between Bowling Green and Dyre Av.
    • 5 subwayD subway trains run local in the Bronx; N subway trains run local in Manhattan.
    • Use 6 subway7 subway instead of 6 diamond subway 7 diamond subway.
    • Use A subwayC subwayD subway or Q subway trains instead of B subway.
    • Use J subwaylocal service instead of J subway/Z subway skip-stop service.
    • M subway service runs between Metropolitan Av and Delancey-Essex Sts.
    • Use N subwayQ subway or R subway instead of W subway.

    Bus users — Wednesday, Dec 26 through Monday, Dec 31:

    All local, express, limited-stop, and Select Bus Service will run with minor adjustments in departure times.

    ❤ 💚❤

    Happy holidays & safe travels from Moovit!