Happy Independence Day

July 1, 2020

    Moovit wishes you a happy and relaxing Independence Day

    See the following transit changes, planned for the holiday weekend:



    Sunday Schedules

    No Service

    • The following weekday-only bus routes will not run: 1AX, 1BX, 5R, 7X, 8AX, 8BX, 9R, 14X, 28R, 30X, 31AX, 31BX, 38AX, 38BX, 41, 81X, 82X, 83X, 88, 714 and NX.
    • No Supplemental School Day Service.

    Modified Service

    • The Muni Metro Subway will open at 8 a.m.
    • The 9 San Bruno will operate to Cow Palace.
    • The 10 Townsend will not run west of Van Ness.
    • The 48 Quintara/24th St will not run west of West Portal

    Added Service

    • The Early Morning Metro Buses will operate from 5 to 8 a.m.
    • The 76X Marin Headlands will run on its Sunday schedule.



    July 4th – Sunday service.



    July 4th – Saturday service.



    July 4th – Sunday/Holiday service.


    Golden Gate Transit:

    Modified holiday schedule. See the details here.


    AC Transit:

    July 4th – Sunday service.


    San Francisco Bay Ferries:

    San Francisco Bay Ferry will run its current weekday schedule on the Alameda/Oakland, Vallejo and Richmond routes on Friday, July 3.



    Happy Holiday!



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