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Notice something wrong in the app? 
Let us know!


Help us maintain the most updated information in our app so that commuters like you can receive the most accurate information and experience less waiting time.

Click here to send us correct stop locations, updated schedules, and route changes. Make sure to include as many details as possible!

Android users can also send feedback and make changes directly from the app.

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Join the
Mooviter Community!


Want to be more hands-on?

Join the Mooviter Community and help update changes in your public transportation network every day.

Moovit community members, aka “Mooviters”,  are able to access our Moovit Editor which allows us to map and maintain routes that we don’t have official data for. You will be able to add missing agencies, update routes, timetables, and other public transportation changes with ease!

To learn more about the Mooviter Community and sign yourself up, click here.

Every change can make a world of a difference! 

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