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Memorial Day and Independence Day 2023 – Transit Changes

April 25, 2023

Dear riders,

We have collected several transit changes that are worth getting to know about Memorial and Independence Day.

🕯️Memorial Day and Independence Day Eve, Tuesday, April 25th 

🚈 Jerusalem Light Rail – on Memorial Day, between 08:00 and 15:00, there will be additional service to allow arrival and departure from the Memorial Day ceremonies.

From 20:00 until 04:00 trains will operate partially from Heil Ha-Avir station to the City Hall station in both directions and from Ha-Turim station to the Mount Herzl station in both directions. Therefore, there will not be a service between the City Hall station and Ha-Turim.

🚄 Israel Railways – On the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, Night Trains will operate fully between Binyamina – Tel Aviv – Ben Gurion Airport and Jerusalem at the frequency of 1 train per hour.

🚌 Buses – on Memorial Day and Independence Day Eve, there will be schedule changes in the service lines and they will end earlier than usual.

Due to the celebrations on Independence Day Eve, main streets throughout the country are expected to be blocked starting in the afternoon, and as a result, bus routes will change accordingly. 

The Night Lines will operate on this day.

🎆 Independence Day, Wednesday, April 26 

🚈 Jerusalem Light Rail – On Independence Day the Light Rail will operate in full format.

🚄 Israel Railways – Trains will operate on a dedicated format of 1 train per hour, on all lines.

Haifa – TLV and Beer Sheva – TLV lines will increase their service between 18:00 and 21:00.

🚌 Buses – on Independence Day, the service lines will be reduced and many lines will be canceled. To find your bus schedule, type in your line number in the ‘Lines’ tab.

Moovit is updated with the latest changes that are being published by the bus operators and the Ministry of Transportation.

Safe travels 🙂

The Moovit team