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Let’s use our mighty MRT to push the haze to 🇮🇩

September 12, 2019

    Some says, Singapore have 4 seasons too, and now we are in the Haze Session. Others are Summer, Durian, and Ponding.

    it’s the season that we wish it was another season called ponding as transboundary haze is once again, invading Singapore denying Singaporean the right to fresh air. While some crazy suggestion from our neighbour up north saying that they should use a giant fan to blow back the pollutant back to Indonesia, I think we should just reduce our outdoor activity and drink a lot of water. But if you really need to hit the street, there are some changes over the weekend that you might wanna know.

    Even the Merlion is praying for rain while rocking its N95 mask (Credit: SGAG)


    Here are the changes:

    1) North South Line (NSL): Stations between Jurong East & Kranji will end early at around 11pm for engineering works

    On the morning of 13 & 14 September (Friday & Saturday), several stations Between Jurong East and Kranji will end its service earlier at around 11pm. There will be no service from Woodlands and Kranji and trains service will terminate at Kranji.

    2) Shuttle 4 | Jurong East – Woodlands / Kranji: Replacement shuttle during early closure of stations.

    During planned disruption of the North-South Line (NSL), replacement service (Shuttle 4) will be activated for passengers who wish to travel to affected stations. The said replacement service will run at a frequency of  3-5 minutes.

    2) Sengkang LRT (B & C) will only operate at 5.30pm on Sunday

    On Sunday, 15 September, both Sengkang East and West LRT service will only operate on single direction only up until 5.30pm. Route B & C will be closed to accommodate maintenance work on the systems. Passengers still can use the LRT but expect longer journey times to the Sengkang LRT/MRT Station.

    3) Bus diversion during Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2019

    On Sunday, 15 September,  5am to noon, several bus route will be diverted in conjunction Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2019

    Road NameStop CodeStop DescriptionAffected TimeAffected Bus Service No.
    Changi Nth St 197141Aft Upp Changi Rd Nth5.00am – 11.30am4 & 37
    Changi Nth Way97301Agility4
    97311Zuellig Pharma
    97331Bef Changi Prison Cplx
    Loyang Ave98069Aft Engine Test Facility5.00am – 10.30am2, 9, 19, 29, 59, 89 & 109
    98079Opp Loyang Way 4/Soxal
    99019Aft Sch of Commando
    99029Aft Cranwell Rd
    99039St. George Chapel2, 9, 19, 59, 89 & 109
    99049Changi Golf Course
    Loyang Way97089Opp Selarang Pk Drug Reh.5.00am – 11.30am2 & 29
    97099Aft Loyang Ave
    Mariam Way98311Bef Mariam Wk4
    98319Aft Ballota Pk5
    New Loyang Link97121Bef Old Tampines Rd
    Old Tampines Rd97111Bef Toh Cl
    97119Aft Toh Cl29
    Tanah Merah Besar Rd97321Aft Compass Green4
    Upp Changi Rd Nth97019Opp Salvation Army2
    97039Bef Jln Bena2 & 4
    97049Changi Prison
    97059Changi Women’s Prison2, 4 & 5
    97069Lloyd Leas Work Rel Camp2 & 29
    97079Opp St. John’s Cres
    97209Changi Chapel Museum


    3) Bus diversion during POSB PAssion Run for Kids 2019

    On Sunday, 15 September,  5.30 am to 11am, 4 bus route will be diverted in conjunction POSB PAssion Run for Kids 2019

    Road NameStop CodeStop DescriptionAffected Bus Service No.
    Marina Blvd03391Marina Bay Financial Ctr97, 106, 133, 400
    03381The Sail


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