Changes to Downtown Express routes

November 26, 2019

The TTC made changes to the downtown portion of its Downtown Express bus routes that operate during morning and evening rush periods, to help you move across the core as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Changes began November 25, 2019, and include:

An additional fare is required on Downtown Express routes. You can load a TTC Monthly Downtown Express Pass or 12 Month Downtown Express Pass onto your PRESTO card. You can also pay the full double fare from the balance on your PRESTO card, by exact cash or by using two tickets or tokens. For more information, visit

Map showing Downtown Express Routes running in the downtown

Service changes will be made to the following routes:

141 Downtown/Mt Pleasant Express

142 Downtown/Avenue Rd Express

143 Downtown/Beach Express

144 Downtown/Don Valley Express

145 Downtown/Humber Bay Express

For information about scheduled TTC subway closures, click here.

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