Long awaited extra discount is here!

March 21, 2019

    After just over a month of waiting, the extra discount is about to start for KTM Komuter services!

    On 20th February 2019, Transport Minister Anthony Loke had announced that starting from 1st April 2019, all Malaysians will be eligible for an additional 20% discount on top on existing cashless discount! That’s mean 20%+20% for Malaysians! Well, we have more information for you on how you can enjoy this discount!

    Discount only eligible for Malaysians who hold special Komuter Link X card.

    As the discount only eligible for Malaysians, all Malaysians are required to hold special Komuter Link “X” card which will be issued upon verification of identity by KTMB. The said cards are non-transferrable and only valid for adult age 13-59. Concession fare eligible passengers are not entitled to the extra discounts.

    Komuter Link X Card


    Application for Komuter Link X card starts tomorrow (23 March 2019)

    KTMB had announced that they are starting to accept an application for the Komuter Link X Cards starting from 23 March 2019 at KL Sentral counter. RM5 application fees will be charged and Komuter Link X card and the Komuter Link X card can hold credit of up to RM200.


    Frequently asked questions about the card can be found at KTMB website.



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