Metro’s Regional Connector + 3 New Stations Opens Friday!

June 14, 2023

    We have some great news!

    Metro’s Regional Connector and 3 New Underground stations open this Friday!

    Metro is celebrating by offering free rides from 3 a.m. Friday through 3 a.m. Monday on all Metro buses, trains, Metro Bike and Metro Micro.

    And as always, Moovit is updated! Use Moovit to plan your free trips on Metro this weekend.

    What will the new light rail system look like?

    The Connector ties together the A, E, and L Lines. As a result, those three lines will become two lines:

    •The new A Line will run between Azusa and Long Beach. On maps, the A Line will retain the color blue.

    •The new E Line will run between East Los Angeles and Santa Monica. On maps, the E Line will use the color gold.

    •It will be easy to transfer between the A and E Lines at any of the five DTLA stations they’ll share. These include Pico and  7th/Metro and the 3 new underground stations: Grand Av Arts/Bunker Hill (at 2nd and Hope), Historic Broadway (at 2nd and Broadway), and Little Tokyo/Arts District (at 1st and Alameda). Just step off one train and get on the next. No need to walk to a different platform.

    How frequently will trains run?

    The basics: trains on both lines will run every 10 minutes at weekday peak hours, every 12 minutes the rest of the day and during weekend daytime hours, and every 20 minutes in early mornings and later in the evenings.

    How will this change my commute?

    Riders coming from Azusa and East L.A. will no longer have to transfer to the subway at Union Station to reach the heart of DTLA. Say goodbye to that time munch of a transfer — you can stay on the A or E Line and now ride directly into the heart of DTLA or through DTLA.

    Conversely, riders coming into DTLA on the current A and E Lines no longer need to transfer to the subway at 7th/Metro to reach many DTLA destinations.

    Fewer transfers = more time savings. For some riders, we think they’ll save 20 minutes per ride. That is not insignificant and we think giving time back to riders will make taking transit more appealing and useful.

    Of course, the B and D Lines aren’t going anywhere — and many of you will continue to find the subway useful to reach your destinations in DTLA or beyond. You can transfer between the A Line and the B/D Lines at 7th/Metro or Union Station and between the E Line and B/D Lines at 7th/Metro.

    Do you have a new system map?

    Yes! Here it is:

    What about fares and transferring — how will that work?

    It’s simple. There’s no need to tap your TAP card on a validator if transferring between the A and E Lines. If transferring between any other line to/from the A and E Lines, please tap your card on the validator.

    Remember — you get two hours of free transfers with each fare. We’ll also soon be introducing fare capping to make our fares simpler and save money for those who ride frequently. 


    You Ride, We Guide,

    The USA Moovit Team