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Montlake Freeway Station Closing – June 22

June 19, 2019

    Beginning Friday, June 21 at approximately 11:59 p.m., the Montlake Freeway Station stops will permanently close.

    Lines that will no longer serve that stop:

    • ST Express: 545 & 555

    • King County Metro: 252, 255, 257, 268 & 311

    • Community Transit: 424

    For westbound service to the University of Washington, transfer to ST Express routes 540, 541, 542, or Metro routes 167 and 277 at the Evergreen Point or Yarrow Point Freeway Stations.  Heading eastbound, you can catch these routes at Montlake Boulevard East and East Lake Washington Blvd. 
    Link light rail provides service between The University of Washington (UW) Station and Downtown Seattle.