This Week's Transit Changes in Montréal

July 17, 2020


🚍 261 – Summer activity from 📅 July 20-August 2

Hop aboard the Bus des Îles to Parc National des Îles-de-Boucherville! Line 261 will be running on Saturdays and Sundays until September 7, and on weekdays from July 20 to August 2. Users should plan on a 15-minute ride from the Longueuil terminal to the park. Click here for more information.


⛔ Saint-Basile-le-Grand station: Access to the bridge closed from  📅 July 17-19

Please note that due to painting work on the station walkway, this access will be closed as of Friday, July 17, at 8:00 p.m.

Access will be available again on Sunday, July 19, at 10 p.m. h 00.

⛔ Pincourt-Terrasse-Vaudreuil station: Temporary closure of a level crossing from 📅  July 19 to 24

Please note that due to repair work on Canadian National (CN) tracks, the level crossing located on 3rd avenue near Pincourt-Terrasse-Vaudreuil station will be temporarily blocked.

This closure will be effective from July 19 to 20:00. In these circumstances, access to the station will only be possible via 3rd avenue southbound.

The crossing will be accessible again the July 24, at 7:00.

For the duration of the works, lines 31 and 33 of exo La Presqu’Île will have their route modified. Some stops cannot be served (line 33 only) and the final destination will temporarily become Île-Perrot station. Here are the details:

LinesDetourEnd of course  (Temporary)Unserved stops – (Line 33 only)Temporary stops – (Line 33 only)
31 and 33Via the A-20Île-Perrot Station72328 – du Traversier / facing # 1900 (Patrick Morin)72394 – de l’Île / 5th Avenue
72344 – du Traversier / Cardinal-Léger72394 – de l’Île / 5th Avenue
72329 – du Traversier / facing # 1900 (Patrick Morin)72395 – de l’Île / 5th Avenue
72345 – du Traversier / Cardinal-Léger72395 – de l’Île / 5th Avenue

🆓 Free rides on the exo4 Candiac line and on the bus lines running on the Mercier bridge 📅 July 20-24, 2020

Please note that improvement work will take place on the Honoré-Mercier bridge during the summer period. The Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ), in collaboration with Mobilité Montréal, will use various mitigation measures to limit the impact on motorists and allow citizens to adopt new transportation habits.

From July 20 to 24, exo , in collaboration with the MTQ and the Regional Authority for Metropolitan Transport (ARTM), will offer free service on the exo4 Candiac train line and on board bus lines that pass through the Honoré bridge. Mercier:

South West: Lines 1, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28, 31, 32 and 98

Haut-Saint-Laurent: Line 111

From July 20 to 24, at AM peak, ticket distribution giving access to the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) network will take place at the following locations:

  • Candiac station
  • Delson station
  • Saint-Constant station
  • Sainte-Catherine station
  • Angrignon terminus
  • Mansfield Terminal

These measures will be added to the free local service already existing in the Roussillon and Le Richelain sectors.

🔁 exo Terrebonne-Mascouche: Modification to the route of line 8 from 📅 June 25 to September 6

Please note that due to the temporary closure of certain streets in Vieux-Terrebonne, the route of line 8 will be changed from June 25 to September 6.

In order to compensate for the withdrawal of certain stops, exo will set up temporary stops on rue Saint-Louis. These stops will be available for the duration of the diversion only.

Eastbound (arriving from Saint-Louis)

Stop deletedAllô-TRAMTemporary shutdown
Des Braves / Saint-Pierre84976Saint-Louis / Des Braves
Saint-Pierre / Sainte-Marie85786Saint-Louis / Saint-André
Saint-Pierre / Saint-André84887Saint-Louis / Saint-André
Saint-Pierre / Saint-Joseph84978Chapleau / Saint-Pierre
Saint-Pierre / Hat84792Chapleau / Saint-Pierre

Westbound (arriving from Chartrand)

Stop deletedAllô-TRAMTemporary stop
Saint-Pierre / Saint-Joseph84977Saint-Pierre / Chapleau
Saint-Pierre / Saint-André84886Saint-Louis / Montée Masson
Saint-Pierre / Sainte-Marie85787Saint-Louis / Montée Masson
Saint-Pierre / Des Braves84976Saint-Louis / In front of the College

🚗 Saint-Basile-le-Grand station: Places available at the incentive parking lot from 📅 June 30 to July 31

Please note that the parking agreement between exo and the Lambert Markets will be suspended from June 30, 2020. Parking spaces reserved for exo users will therefore be prohibited from this date.

In addition, the agreement with the Maxi grocery store, located at 2501, boulevard du Millénaire, will be suspended from July 31, 2020 .

We therefore ask you to use the incentive parking at Saint-Basile-le-Grand station, where several spaces are available. The agreements will be reactivated as needed, when traffic resumes.

🚗 La Prairie Incentive Parking: Impacts to be expected from 📅 June 8 to August 22

From June 8 to August 22, due to the reconstruction of the drainage system, exo will be forced to temporarily close part of the parking lot and modify the loading docks.

A large part of the parking lot will be closed:

Parking spaces are also available at the Parc des Jésuites parking lot, located at the corner of Taschereau Boulevard and Balmoral Avenue. In addition, the Golf Espace Rive-Sud offers some additional space in the area near the condos.

⛔ exo Sud-Ouest: Modifications on the route of line 20 from 📅 May 25 to August 23

The route of line 20 from exo Sud-Ouest, to Beauharnois, is modified until August 23, 2020.

Buses arriving on rue François-Branchaud (eastbound) will take the right on rue Perrault, then the left on Laurier to join rue François-Branchaud (westbound).

In these circumstances, some stops will be deleted or relocated:

Name of the StopAllô-TRAMImpact
François-Branchaud / Faubert78598 and 78531Stops deleted
François-Branchaud / Laurier78575Relocated stop on Laurier at the corner of François-Branchaud

⛔ Laurentides: Stops temporarily not served for line 60 from 📅 July 7 to September 8

Blainville Street West will be completely closed to traffic for the summer period and line 60 must be diverted from its route, as it cannot serve several stops:

Temporarily deleted stopsAllô-TRAM
Church Street / in front of the Sainte-Thérèse-d’Avila Church82121
Blainville Street East / Turgeon Street82332

A temporary stop will be installed at the following location:

Temporary shutdownAllô-TRAM
Rue Sant-Louis / rue BlainvilleN / A

Delays are also possible for this line due to the various obstacles in progress in downtown Sainte-Thérèse.

🔔 Allow extra travel time!


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