Coronavirus Updates: What to Know About MTA Service

Subway service

Duplicative subway service: B, W, or Z service will not run on Tuesday, March 24.


B: Use C, D, and Q service instead.
W: Use N and R service instead.
Z: Use J service instead.

Staten Island Railway: Staten Island Railway will run every 20 minutes during peak hours, making all local stops, and will run hourly during overnight hours, in order to match the scaled back ferry service.

Branch service that’s not operating:

Suspended express service:

Staten Island Railway will make all local stops.

Railroad service

West of Hudson service is operating on a weekend schedule until further notice. See schedules.

Changes to how you ride:
Starting Tuesday, March 24, you’ll make MetroCard transactions at MetroCard Vending machines only. This will help limit person-to-person contact for our station agents. Reduced-fare cash transactions can still be made at the booth.


The MTA has initiated a new rear-door boarding policy to keep riders and operators at a safe distance.

Board local and SBS buses through the back door. Riders with mobility impairments and all express bus riders can board through the front door.

LIRR and Metro-North

You cannot pay with cash on trains or at ticket windows. You can still use cash at ticket vending machines.


MTA is no longer scheduling shared rides. You can still travel with a personal care attendant or guest.

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