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We have updated the data for MTS lines for you!

February 28, 2023

    HI! We have updated data for MTS in San Diego in the Moovit app.


    Starting today you will find the data on timetables, stops, and routes for MTS lines that are updated and correspond to long-term service changes. This will allow you to travel with serenity by planning your trips with the Moovit app.


    The Moovit app team in the USA works daily to offer you an app with increasingly accurate information and to be your daily travel companion. In fact, remember that the Moovit app accompanies you everywhere:


    What are the main changes already live in Moovit? Check here: 

    • Route 2 Bus Stop Closure on Broadway and 15th St (10489), Use Broadway and 16th St Instead.
    • Bus Stop Closure Westbound Broadway @ 8th (ID# 13311) Impacting Rts 2, 7, 50, 110, 901, 923 & 992, Use Broadway @ 9th instead.
    • Route 11 bus stop closure Park Blvd & El Cajon Blvd (#12800), Use Park Blvd & Meade Ave (#12801) instead.
    • Route 864 detoured due to road construction, no stops missed.
    • Detour Route 906 2/14/2023 to 12/31/2023 24 Hours
    • Route 921 East Bound Bus Stop Closure at Scranton Rd & San Diego Tech Center
    • Updated Bus Stop closures on Routes 944 and 945 due to construction
    • Routes 11 & 955 Temporary Bus Stop Closure Montezuma Rd & College AV. (#11031)
    • Route 955 Bus Stop #11738 on Hartley & 47th St will be relocated
    • Effective January 29, 2023 Bus stops at Division St & N R Av on route 967 will be discontinued. 

    See you soon,

    The Moovit team in the USA