Getting to your destination is faster and easier than ever

    Recently, the Ministry of Transportation launched carpool lanes in order to encourage shared rides. Join Moovit Carpool today as a passenger or a driver, and save time 🙂


    🚗 What does this mean

    On Kvish HaHof (Highway N. 2), between Netanya Interchange to West Glilot Interchange, in both directions ⬆️⬇️, the right lane is designated for public transport and vehicles with at least two passengers (including the driver).

    On Derech Ayalon (Highway N. 20), between Mevo Ayalon to Hail HaShiryon Interchange, in the northbound direction ⬆️, the left lane is designated for public transport and vehicles with at least three passengers (including the driver).


    🚗 What this has to do with me

    Now, more than ever, riding Moovit Carpool is a great solution for your daily commute. 

    Passengers can reach their destinations fast and easily while drivers can save time and earn money.


    🚗 I want to ride Moovit Carpool

    When you plan your trip in Moovit, we show you available drivers that share your route in the “Moovit Carpool” section.


    🚗 I want to drive passengers on my way to my destination

    All you need to do is to download the “Moovit Carpool” app and sign up. We will do the rest for you.


    Safe (and fast) travels,

    Moovit team


    Image source: Beivushtang, Wikipedia