Latest Travel Update

February 8, 2024

    Yellow weather warning

    A yellow weather warning has been issued for snow in Greater Manchester from the early hours of this morning until tomorrow morning [8 and 9 February].


    While it’s not quite Anticyclone Hartmut (aka ‘the Beast from the East’) from February 2018 just yet, the yellow weather warning may lead to some disruption to the transport network.

    Some roads and railways are likely to be affected, resulting in longer journey times by car, bus and train.

    If you’re planning a journey over the next 24 hours, here’s some tips to help keep you moving:

    • Plan your route, check for delays and amend travel plans if needed. Snowy, wintry weather can cause delays and make driving conditions dangerous, so to keep yourself and others safe by having a plan.
    • If driving, leave more time to prepare yourself and your vehicle before setting off. This includes making sure you have essentials packed in your car in the event of any delays (warm clothing, food, water, a blanket, a torch, ice scraper/de-icer, a warning triangle, high visibility vest and an in-car phone charger).
    • Check rail services before travelling. While the weather patterns continue to evolve, the trans-Pennine rail routes are the most likely to be affected by the snow.


    Source: TfGM