November 1 Muni Changes

November 1, 2021

    San Francisco’s Department of Human Resources instituted a policy that all city employees need to be fully vaccinated by Nov. 1. Because a number of transit operators are not in compliance with the vaccine mandate, the SFMTA is temporarily suspending “short” line service on a few Muni lines – the 1 California Short, 14R Mission Rapid Short (weekdays only), 30 Stockton Short, and 49 Van Ness Short (on weekends only).  

    Short service refers to buses that run on a segment of a longer Muni route to help improve frequency on higher-ridership portions of the line. The long routes on these lines will continue to operate, connecting customers where they need to go. There will be no cancellation of any Muni routes in response to staffing challenges associated with the city’s vaccine mandate.

    These changes are intended to reduce impacts to service systemwide, but customers may experience additional crowding and longer wait times on various bus routes as a result. 

    Why These Routes

    SFMTA made the decision to cut the supplemental short line service because it may be temporarily eliminated without jeopardizing access to any stops or connections along the full route. Based on feedback received from the public regarding service planning for early 2022, SFMTA heard that priorities include preserving and restoring connections and service in hilly areas, as well as ensuring ongoing access for people with disabilities and seniors. Temporarily suspending short service allows to meet these needs while we work to put additional staff in place.

    Next Steps

    Currently, SFMTA doesn’t have a precise timeline for when they will be able to restore additional service or increase frequencies on these short routes.

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