One Nation One Card – National Common Mobility Card (NCMC)

March 15, 2019
    Pan-India mobility card for public transport across the country launched!!

    The card will function on ‘One Nation One Card’ model and will allow making payments across all public transport.

    PM Modi launched a National Common Mobility Card (NCMC), used to make payments across Metro, bus and suburban railways, for toll & parking, and also for retail like any credit or debit card.

    Modi also launched India’s first indigenously developed payment ecosystem for transport, consisting of NCMC.

    An automatic fare-collection system (AFC) called Sweekar, and also a gate and cards reader system Swagat.

    The three together will enable the use of the NCMC across the country without conflict with existing point-of-sale (PoS) machines.

    All public and private banks will be issuing it the same way credit, debit, and prepaid cards are done.

    The service area feature also supports operator specific applications e.g. monthly passes, season tickets etc.

    The government launched a pilot project for the NCMC ecosystem on January 31 with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC).




    Moovit wishes you happy and safe travelling!!




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