Panic buttons installed in Govt buses as women’s safety aid

December 20, 2018
    The alarm will alert other passengers and also those on the

    BMTC has signed an MOU with Durga, a citizen organisation to install panic buttons or Durga alarms in buses. In a bid to make public transportation safer for women.

    Where the seats reserved for women are located, Four panic button are placed on either side of the bus.

    The buttons positioned on the panel between the windows are at a height that is easily accessible to women, most importantly children can stand and reach out to them.

    There is a pictorial representation to describe the functioning of the alarm along with instructions in Kannada. Users can alert the driver and other passengers by pressing the alarm.

    As per the protocol, the driver will have to stop the bus and intervene. If the driver is unable to resolve the matter, higher BMTC officers need to be called.

    Currently, the alarms are fitted in 150 buses which have a higher population of women passengers. A loud sound and a hooter placed on the roof of the bus flashes, when the button is pressed.


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