President’s Day 2020 – Transit Changes

February 13, 2020

    MTA New York City buses and subways will be running on Saturday schedules.

    Service overview

    Most buses are on a Saturday schedule.

    Staten Island Railway- Sunday schedule.

    Staten Island Buses- Modified weekday schedule.

    Subway service details

    Major service changes due to planned work on the 1, 4, 7, E, and L are scheduled through Monday, February 17, and may affect your trip.

    Saturday Schedule Reminders for Subways

    • 5 service will run between Bowling Green, Manhattan and Dyre Av, the Bronx, day/evening.
    • 5 and D trains will run local in the Bronx.
    • Use local 6 and 7 service instead of 6 and 7 express service.
    • Use A, C, D, or Q trains instead of B trains.
    • Use J local service instead of J/Z skip-stop service.
    • M trains will run between Metropolitan Av, Queens and 96 St, Manhattan, day/evening.
    • Use N, Q, or R service instead of W trains.

    Saturday schedule

    Buses in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens will run on a Saturday schedule. That means generally reduced service, as well as some lines running which don’t run on weekdays. Each regular bus schedule includes information about Saturday service. A special QM20 service will run between Queens and Manhattan.

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