You may have noticed there are two types of ways we display times for upcoming departures in the app. They both represent different things, which is why they are marked in separate colors:

The times marked in black tell you about the lines’ scheduled times, while the ones in green are for real-time arrivals.


What does this mean, exactly?

Scheduled Times (black) are represented by a specific time (e.g. 15:25 or 3:25 PM). These times are provided by the agencies, compiled from public sources or provided by our Mooviter community.

Real-Time (green) lets you know how long you’ll have to wait before your line arrives (e.g Leaves in 15 min). This time is based on the vehicles’ GPS location, provided by official sources. The accuracy of these times may vary, depending on the quality of the GPS signal, traffic conditions, the stability of the data source, etc.

If you don’t see real-time information for your area or favorite lines – stay tuned. Moovit is continuously adding more and more real-time sources, and your city might be next.