Public Transit v.s. Driving

April 16, 2019

If you go between driving and riding public transit, here are some reasons why public transit wins every time:

Reduced stress levels — Kick back and relax. No need to pay much attention to the roads or have a stressful journey. Let your Moovit app guide you on your journey step-by-step like GPS for transit, while your bus or train driver does the rest of the hard work. You can even shut your eyes or meditate because Moovit’s Get Off Alerts let you know when your stop is coming up!

Meet new people —There are many love stories from people meeting riding public transit! If you’re not looking for love, you can at least make friends or people watch. It’s far more interesting than looking at a sea of red brake lights.

Stay fit — Traveling by car means far fewer steps than if you ride transit. There’s normally a short walk between your location and the station so you can stay fit!

Get things done —Many cities are suffering from bad traffic. If you ride transit, you can multitask rather than having to put all your energy into focusing on the road.