Quarantine Free Vaccinated Travel to Johor Now Possible!

February 17, 2022

    Missing Johor and most parts of Malaysia? Land VTL is opening for all Singaporeans soon!

    Starting from 20 December 2021, all Singaporean citizens will be allowed to enter Malaysia quarantine free under the Land VTL arrangement, as opposed to previous rules where you need to be either a Malaysian Citizens or visitor holding long term pass in Malaysia to qualify for Land VTL to enter Malaysia.

    For detailed information on the Land VTL to enter Malaysia, please visit

    Here’s some quick guide on the processes of going into Malaysia using Land VTL

    1. Apply for VTL Entry to Malaysia at 3 days prior to your intended travel date (up to 7 days in advance)
      1. For people who received their Covid-19 Vaccination in Singapore – Upload Vaccination HealthCert issued via the Notarise Portal
      2. Download and register Malaysia’s contact tracing app MySejahtera. Register using the passport number that you’ll use to enter Malaysia and your roaming enabled mobile number.
    2. Book VTL Bus tickets from Causeway Link or Transtar 3 days prior to the departure date (I assume most would already gotten their tickets since it’s selling fast)
    3. Get yourself tested for Covid-19 at any of MOH Approved Covid Testing providers 48 hours before departure. The test can either be PCR or Professionally Administered ART at the clinic.
      1. Note: You’ll need to upload your test result to If you encountered an error uploading the test result, you can bring the printed test result and present it at the Immigration counter at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar.
    4. If you’re travelling with Causeway Link, please only be at Queens St Ter 45 minutes before, not earlier. (Instruction for Transtar may differ, please check with operator directly)

      You’ll be assigned to either bus 22 or 23 as Causeway Link dispatches 2 buses for each departure.

    5. Onground staff will verify all documents and your journey to Malaysia is getting closer! Once it’s time, staff will instruct passengers to board the bus in an orderly manner.

      You’ll be required to fill in a form for Entrypass online at for the purpose of the On-Arrival Test. Do not fill it until you’re actually waiting to board your bus. You can choose to pay Cash at Larkin or you can pay using your credit card. On-Arrival Test will cost you RM60/RM90

      The journey to Malaysia begins!

    6. Once the bus had reached Woodlands CIQ, you’ll need to clear the Immigration for exiting Singapore. You do not have to bring your luggage with you. Bring along what’s important such as your passport and wallet.

      Once cleared immigration at Woodlands CIQ, enjoy the journey on the Causeway and admire the view of Johor Bahru Skyline

    7. The journey across the Causeway will take around 5-10mins. Upon reaching Bangunan Sultan Iskandar, you’ll need to take all your belongings with you as you go through Malaysia’s checkpoint. Have your phone ready with MySejahtera as you’ll need to scan QR code to check-in after you disembark from the bus (keep your phone with you until Immigration counter), and head straight to clearing of Immigration (Here you’ll need to scan QR code on MySejahtera again). The next station is Customs and gets prepared to open up your bags for inspection by officers.
    8. Head back to the bus after clearing Immigration and Customs for the final leg of the journey to Larkin Terminal (Escalator may not work and lift only available to those in a wheelchair)
    9. At Larkin Terminal, the bus will drop passengers at the designated gate where you’ll be escorted to perform an on-arrival ART Test. This is a fairly quick process and the result will be emailed to you in 15 minutes after your swab. Simply show the negative test result on your phone to the guard to exit the holding room. And that’s it you’re in Malaysia!

      The on-Arrival test at Larkin is fairly quick and efficient. Results will be emailed to you in as little as 15 minutes.


    Regulatory Requirement: All travellers into Malaysia are required to perform daily ART test up to 6th day. They may perform self-administered ART Tests using the approved kit that can be acquired at any most pharmacy and some groceries store on day 2, 4,  & 6 of their entry to Malaysia, and professionally-administered ART Test at MOH Approved clinic on day 3 & 5.

    Processes to return to Singapore on Land VTL is fairly similar. However, there may be minor differences. You may refer to processes on returning to Singapore on Land VTL on SafeTravel Microsite

    Happy Travelling!


    You ride, Moovit guides!


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    Disclaimer: This is experience sharing from our community member who had recently travelled on Land VTL to Malaysia to allow users to familiarise and know what to expect as they travel to Malaysia on Land VTL and should not be used as an absolute instruction. Always refer to official channels such as ICA’s SafeTravel microsite and/or MySafeTravel for clarification. Information is correct as of 15 December 2021