Recommended Tarawih and Takjil Places in Jakarta

March 22, 2024

We have summarized a suitable places along with bus stops and lines that can be visited for you and your family to pray tarawih and looking for takjil. Check out the list below:

Mosque for Prayers

MosqueBus Stop
Istiqlal Mosque, Central JakartaIstiqlal bus stop (Corridor 2, 1P, 6H)

Juanda bus stop (Line: 5C, 7F, 8, 8A, 10H, and 14A)

Pondok Indah Mosque, South JakartaPondok Indah Mosque 1 and 2 bus stop (Line: 1Q, 8D, and 8E)
Ramlie Mustofa Mosque, North JakartaSbr. Danau Sunter Barat and Jl. Agung Indah 1 bus stop (Line: JAK90)
K.H. Hasym Asy’ari Grand Mosque, West JakartaKH Hasyim Asy’ari Grand Mosque bus stop (Line: 3A)
At-Tin Grand Mosque, East JakartaAt-Tin Mosque bus stop (Line: 7D, JAK36, and JAK108)


Takjil Places

TakjilBus Stop
Pasar Benhil (Bendungan Hilir), Central JakartaJln. Bendungan Hilir Gang II, IV, and V bus stop (Line: JAK08)
Lap. Blok S, South JakartaLapangan Blok S bus stop (Line: 6U, 6W, 7B, and 7Q)
Pasar Rawamangun, East JakartaSimpang Ps. Rawamangun and Perguruan Advent VII Rawamangun bus stop (Line: JAK34, JAK35, JAK41, and JAK86)


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