Changes in train lines due to construction work on Rehovot station

February 27, 2019

    Due to construction work on Rehovot train station, changes in railway traffic will begin on several lines from today (26/02/19) until the end of the service on Friday (01/03/19).

    Rehovot train station will be closed, and the closure will result the following changes: 

    Tuesday – Trains departing from Binyamina Station to Ashkelon Station at 21:07 and 22:07 will terminate at Lod Station; The train departing from Ashkelon Station to Rehovot Station at 23:34 is cancelled.

    Wednesday and Thursday – Trains between Ashkelon and Binyamina Stations will commence and terminate at Lod Station; Trains between Rehovot and Binyamina Stations will commence and terminate at Rishon LeTsiyon–Harishonim (instead of Rehovot Station) and will operate once an hour from 05:54 to 21:54. These trains will also stop at Be’er Ya’akov Station.

    Friday – Trains in the Ashkelon-Binyamina line will operate between Binyamina Station and Tel Aviv–Savidor Center Station in both directions.

    Free Shuttles will be available:

    Wednesday and Thursday – From Rehovot to Lod every half hour, from 05:30 to 22:00; From Lod to Rehovot every half hour, from 06:30 to 24:00.

    Friday – From Rehovot to Tel Aviv Savidor Center once an hour, from 06:40 to 13:40; From Tel Aviv Savidor Center to Rehovot once an hour, from 07:40 to 13:40.

    In addition, Egged lines 222, 274 and 277 will operate from Rehovot to Tel Aviv. For your convenience, the shuttles and bus lines are updated in Moovit app. 🙂

    Safe Travels!