Will you help us make travel at night safer & easier in Pittsburgh?

November 19, 2018

    Dear Loyal Moovit User,

    Thank you for choosing Moovit & helping to improve mobility for your whole community!

    We need your help. We are calling on Moovit users to give your feedback on our team’s pilot proposal for Ford’s Pittsburgh City Of Tomorrow Challenge called Safe Shift. Safe Shift will help people who work overnight shifts get to and from work safely & conveniently even on the darkest, stormiest Pittsburgh night.


    ….We promise it will only take a minute…


    Our Call to Action

    Please check out the Safe Shift proposal and if you think it’s a good idea:

    • comment at the bottom of the page,
    • “applaud” it,
    • and share it via your social media channels to show the judges this is a winning concept!

    To skip ahead to the Safe Shift proposal, click here.


    Look for these buttons at the bottom of the proposal!

    You can find the published proposal here.

    The Team

    The Safe Shift Team was born out of the Mobiliti event and workshop that took place at the beginning of October in Pittsburgh. Identifying a need echoed by participating members of the community, we rallied together to find a solution.

    The team is comprised of:

    Please check out Safe Shift & share it with your friends! If you have any difficulties accessing the page, please write to us at