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BART to Update Service from September 11th.

September 7, 2023

    Hi Mooviters,

    This Monday, BART is rolling out a new service plan. The goal is to reduce wait times, improve frequency, and improve reliability.

    Highlights of the new schedule:

    • Eliminates 30-minute wait times on nights and weekends.
    • No BART rider will wait more than 20 minutes for a scheduled train no matter what hour of the day or day of the week.
    • 50% increase in evening service seven days a week.
    • Service on BART’s busiest weekday line, the Yellow Line, increases from trains every 15 minutes to every 10 minutes from Pittsburg/Bay Point.
    • Reduced wait times thanks to new scheduled transfers.
    • The new schedule improves reliability and better serves SFO and OAK
    • Trains will run shorter to enhance safety and cleanliness and to increase police presence.

    Continue reading for details:

    • The schedule change is cost-neutral and relies less on flattened levels of work commute trips and more on ridership growth opportunities.To make this significant investment in service on nights and weekends, some weekday service will be slightly scaled back based on ridership trends and areas of the system where riders are served by multiple lines with the option to transfer. BART’s Blue Line to and from Dublin will have 20-minute frequencies at all hours, marking an increase on nights and weekends, but an added 5 minutes between trains during weekday daytime hours. BART’s Blue (Dublin-Daly City) and Orange (Richmond-Berryessa) lines serve the fewest riders in the system on weekdays.Riders coming from the Richmond and Berryessa/North San Jose direction will now have a train about every 10 minutes on weekdays during daytime hours instead of a train every 7.5 minutes. BART will increase communication on these lines about the option to take an Orange Line (Richmond-Berryessa) train and transfer if necessary to complete their trip. To make 10-minute service possible for Green and Orange line riders to the city, we had to move the Blue Line to better align with the Green Line, removing the Dublin to Richmond transfer opportunity at Bay Fair. It will now be a 17-minute wait at Bay Fair if you want to make that transfer. But we adjusted the Blue Line so instead of waiting 17 minutes at Bay Fair, Blue Line riders can now transfer to the Red Line/Richmond train at West Oakland, giving the rider a 15-minute advantage (requires changing platforms).BART to Antioch service will now be every 20 minutes instead of every 15 minutes on weekdays so that every other BART train lines up for a timed transfer with an Antioch DMU train at the transfer platform. BART doesn’t own enough DMU train cars to match the new 10 minute frequencies of the Yellow line. The BART train that doesn’t line up with the Antioch DMU train, will turn around at Pittsburg/Bay Point. Antioch riders will benefit from more frequent service on nights and weekends (from 30 minutes to 20 minutes).SFO and OAK Airports will be Better Served

      The new schedule improves service to and from San Francisco International and Oakland International airports. During the daytime, 9 trains per hour will serve SFO instead of 8, and on nights and weekends, trains will arrive and depart every 20 minutes instead of every 30 minutes.

      All Red Line trains will now stop at SFO before heading to Millbrae, this will streamline the customer experience to and from the airport. Currently the Red Line passes through Millbrae before heading to the airport. This change allows us to increase service to SFO, is responsive to current travel patterns, and eliminates confusion at Millbrae for airport riders.

      There will also be more trains on nights and weekends to OAK.

      Improved Reliability

      This new service plan will also improve on-time performance and improve reliability during the peak commute because there will be less train traffic and congestion through the core of our system. Trains won’t stack up as frequently as they will be better spaced apart, allowing us to recover from delays faster.
      BART will still maintain a clock-face schedule seven days a week offering a consistent timetable for easy planning no matter what day of the week, but now it will be with 20-minute common headways.

      Changes in Frequencies

      The maps below display the changes to the number of trains per hour for each line for weekday daytime 5-line service, weekend 5-line service, and evening 3-line service.

      (Weekday daytime 5-line service)

      weekday service

      (Weekend daytime 5-line service)

      weekend service

      (Evening 3-line service)

      night service

      You Ride, We Guide,
      The USA Moovit Team