[SGSecure] Nation’s Security start from you!

July 31, 2019

    [SGSecure] It’s just 1 week more to Singapore’s national day but do not let our guard down despite the heavy presence of Singapore’s mightest around our city!

    Terror plot could be cooking under our radar. But as residents of Singapore, you can play a role in helping to foil terror plots and/or know exactly what to do in event of one to increase you and your fellow Singaporean’s chance of survival! For more info, visit

    Attention! Salut!

    In the meantime, our men on blue will conduct readiness exercise on the road and also extra security check deployed on our MRT station. Here’s the details.

    1. Counter-Terrorism Exercise by Singapore’s finest men and women in blue

    On the night of 1st August (Thursday), 10pm to 2nd August (Friday), 4am. 2 routes will experience diversion and skips several stops to make way for the Counter-Terrorism Exercise by SPF.

    Road NameStop CodeBus Stop DescriptionAffected Bus Service No.
    Beach Rd01611Raffles Hotel961
    Parliament Pl02181Supreme Ct195, 961


    2. Public Transport Emergency Preparedness Exercise at HarbourFront MRT station

    The Land Transport Authority (LTA), SBS Transit and SMRT Trains will carry out Exercise Station Guard on 2 August 2019, between 10.00am and 4.00pm at HarbourFront MRT station (North-East Line and Circle Line). This is the second exercise of this series this year.

    During the Exercise, all MRT passengers entering the station will be directed towards the fare gates near Exits A, B, C and D to undergo security screening. Passengers exiting the station will be directed to the fare gate clusters at Exit E, towards VivoCity. Some passengers may be asked to go through metal detector checks and have their belongings scanned by X-ray machines. A list of the security screening machines that will be deployed during the Exercise is available in the Annex.

    Passengers should factor in additional time for the security screening during this period.