Bruxelles se renouvelle ! La liste des travaux et fermetures


    Due to the current Covid-19 situation, new measures will apply on public transport.


    On all buses:

    • Tickets will not be sold on board.
    • Boarding through the first door is no longer required, access will be only on the back.



    The following IC trains are expected to operate for most of the day

    IC Ostend – Brussels – Eupen
    IC Blankenberge – Brussels – Genk
    IC Charleroi-Sud – Essen
    IC Charleroi-South – Antwerp-Norderdokken
    IC Antwerp-Central – Hasselt / Hamont
    IC Kortrijk – Ghent – Sint-Pieters-Ghent
    IC Quiévrain – Liège-Guillemins
    IC Brussels-South – Arlon
    IC Gembloux – Namur – Dinant
    IC Brussels-South – Namur – Liège-Saint-Lambert
    IC Tournai – Namur
    IC Ghent St. Petersburg – Landen
    IC Brussels-South – Antwerp-Central
    IC Ostend – Kortrijk – Brussels Airport-Zaventem
    IC Kortrijk – Brussels – Sint-Niklaas
    IC Poperinge – Ghent St. Peter’s – Antwerp-Central
    IC Brussels-South – Amsterdam (only between Antwerp-Central and Rotterdam)

    The following IC trains run mainly during peak hours
    IC Ostend – Antwerp-Central
    IC Binche – Turnhout
    IC Mons – Liège-Saint-Lambert
    IC Charleroi-Sud – Etterbeek
    IC Bruges – Kortrijk
    IC Liers – Gouvy
    IC La Panne – Antwerp-Central
    IC Ghent – Mechelen – Leuven

    The following IC trains do not run

    IC Mons – Brussels Airport-Zaventem – Tournai
    IC Antwerp-Central – Leuven
    IC Turnhout – Antwerp-Central
    IC Antwerp-Central – Brussels-South
    IC Namur – Charleroi – Maubeuge
    IC Mons – Aulnoye-Aymeries

    The IC train offer at around 9 p.m. (departure time) will be significantly reduced.

    Offer of S, L and P trains
    Every second S-train runs around the conurbations of Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp.
    Most L trains and some S trains run only during rush hours.
    The L train Jurbise – Braine-le-Comte does not run.

    The operation of L and S trains at around 8 pm (departure time) will be very much reduced. For all departures after 7pm, passengers are therefore particularly invited to consult the travel planner.
    Most P trains do not run.

    During the weekend
    Most IC, S and L trains run but at lower frequencies;
    Sunday night P trains don’t run;
    The operation of trains is  reduced before 7:00 a.m. and after 7:00 p.m.;
    Route and timetable adaptations linked to the work carried out by Infrabel are integrated into this alternative train service (of national interest).


    Closed stations:
    Buda, Callenelle, Maubray, Neufville, Ville-Pommeroeul, Harchies, Masnuy-Saint-Pierre




    Reduced Service. 2/3 Service. The entire network is still operated, but at a reduced frequency, with the exception of some non-essential tourist bus lines that are not operated, e.g. line 33.

    The school holiday schedule will not apply.


    De Lijn:

    Reduced Service.

    No more circulation:

    Antwerp: Tram lines 11 and 12.

    Tram line 11 from Berchem – Melkmarkt station and tram line 12 from Sportpaleis – Central station

    The coastal tram will run daily from about 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. The frequency will also be reduced to one coastal tram every 20 minutes.

    Ghent Night Network



    • Brabant Wallon (pdf) :  The timetables have been changed to “school holidays”. The following Proxibus are no longer in operation: Proxibus Rebecq, Proxibus Waterloo, Proxibus Perwez, Proxibus inter C.M.L., Proxibus Grez-Doiceau, Proxibus Braine-l’Alleud and Proxibus La Hulpe.
    • Charleroi (pdf) : The timetables have been changed to “school holidays” s. Following the closure of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, line A is no longer operated.
    • Hainaut : for the regions Mons Borinage (pdf) and Centre (pdf). All routes should be normally insured in the Western Hainaut region. The schedules have been changed to “School holidays”. The Proxibus of Comines and Quévy are no longer in operation. The French transport company Ilevia no longer provides MWR trips. The trips provided by the TEC are limited to the border: last stop at WATTRELOS La Houzarde.
    • Liège-Verviers (pdf) :The schedules have been changed to “School Holidays”. The Proxibus of Juprelle and Seraing are no longer in operation. The lines 78 “Liège – Visé – Maastricht” and 396 “Eupen – Kelmis – Vaals” no longer serve the Netherlands. The terminus of line 78 is at “Lanaye Eglise” and the terminus of line 396 at Gemmenich “Place Peckham”. In order to enable our customers using intercity lines to reach their destination from the centre of Liège, passengers will no longer be unloaded in the centre by lines 9, 64, 65, 75, 83, 84, 85, 90, 94, 175 and 377 from this Tuesday 14 April .
    • Luxembourg (pdf) : The schedules have been changed to “School holidays” since March 25th. The Proxibus of Nassogne and Daverdisse are no longer in operation. Line 7 “Sugny-Bouillon” is limited to the Corbion Carrefour stop and no longer serves the villages of Sugny, Pussemange and Bagimont.
    • Namur (pdf) :   The timetable has been changed to “School holidays”. The Profondville Proxibus is no longer in operation.

    Changes may occur.


    Source: SNCB, STIB, De Lijn, TEC