Station pictures for easy localization

October 30, 2019

    Help others find their station!

    Play a part in helping others get around and identify the station they need – add a photo in any station screen by tapping on the Add Photo icon. You never know when someone else’s photo can help you!

    Add Photo

    Upload the best photos by following these tips:

    • Hold your phone in landscape mode
    • Keep it relevant. We will remove photos that are not related to the actual station or entrance.
    • Not only the sign. Try to make your pictures show the entire stop structure, helping other users to recognize it.
    • No faces. As much as possible, please refrain from capturing people’s faces in the photo or crop the image after taking it. Not everyone wants to be captured and uploaded.

    Good photo example

    image (11)

    Unapproved photo example

    image (12)