Temporary closure of TA HaShalom train station

March 5, 2017

    ,Dear drivers

    Starting tonight, between Sunday 5.3.17 and Monday 6.3.17 at 00:01 am, until Sunday 12.3.17 at 05:00 am,  Tel Aviv HaShalom Station will be closed.
    While temporary, this closure will make the daily commute for many public transportation users very difficult – especially in the mornings on their way to work.
    As drivers with Moovit Carpool you have an amazing opportunity to both earn money and help people out!
    Open the main screen in the Moovit Carpool app and make sure you’ve approved your ride for tomorrow. Once approved, we will show your ride to prospective passengers so the sooner the better! 
    Since we expect many people will be looking for rides from Arlozorov Station heading south, for this week only, we’ve added an option for you to receive requests for pickups at this station (in the app it’s called “רכבת מרכז ירידה לאיילון דרום“).

    ,Safe traveling

    Moovit Carpool