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Tips to travel safe during Covid-19 Outbreak

February 26, 2020

    With the Covid-19 outbreak over the Chinese New Year, it’s better to be safe while you travel.

    The Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid-19) is looming around and Singapore’s health ministry had confirmed the 91 case of infection in the country with 58 of them made full recovery. While it seems like traveling on public transport is unavoidable for many and crowded places like public transport can be a bit of risk for infection, there are huge efforts done by our public transport operators to ensure all passengers are safe.

    We had gathered some tips to make commuting better in light of recent events.

    1) Wear a mask whenever you’re commuting. 

    Wear a mask for the greater good. 

    Of course, many still wear the mask wrongly which may compromise the protection of these wonderful masks do for you. Do check out this Wikihow article on way to properly wear your mask.


    2) Make personal hygiene top priority

    Increase your hand-washing routine!

    Wash your hands frequently. It is proven to help reduce the risk of infection. If you want something on the go, get a bottle of hand sanitizers.

    3) Call in sick if you’re feeling unwell. An extra day off work and keep your colleagues’ infection-free

    Be a responsible colleague. Give yourself a holiday

     Don’t let the nasty virus multiply while you go back to the office when you’re unwell. After all, why not spare that extra day to yourself for quality rest and give yourself time to recover?


    4) Drink a lot of water, lots of it

    Ahhh, nothing more like water on a thirsty day

    As Asian moms like to say. Ah boy/girl you feel not well then drink more water ahhh.


    5) Sneeze or cough it onto your sleeve instead of your hand.


    Lesser chance of you transmitting the nasty virus to your friends or colleagues by hand contact when you sneeze or cough it onto your sleeve.



    You ride, Moovit guides!