Transjakarta Route Information Recap #4

April 4, 2024

Here is a recap of our public transportation service information so you can plan your trip better for tomorrow🌟🌟

Monday, 01 April 2024

10 M (Pulo Gadung – Walikota Jakut)Stop operating at the moment due to the mediation process
S41 (Pondok Cabe – Lebak Bulus)Line temporarily postponed the operation
Corridor 1 (Blok M – Kota)Route Diversion, Kota direction doesn’t stopped at Kebon Sirih and Monumen Nasional
Corridor 3 (Kalideres – Monumen Nasional)Route Diversion, doesn’t stopped at Monumen Nasional for both direction
1A (Pantai Maju – Balai Kota)Route Diversion, Pantai Maju direction doesn’t stopped at Monumen Nasional
1P (Blok M – Senen)Route Diversion, Senen direction doesn’t stopped at Kementerian Pariwisata s/d Monas 3
2A (Rawabuaya – Pulo Gadung)Route Diversion, Rawa Buaya direction doesn’t stopped at Balaikota
5C (PGC – Juanda)Route Diversion, doesn’t stopped at Balaikota dan Halte Monas for both direction
7F (Kp. Rambutan – Juanda)Route Diversion, Juanda direction doesn’t stopped at Balaikota

Tuesday, 02 April 2024

JAK31 (Blok M – Andara) and JAK102 (Blok M – Lebak Bulus)Route Diversion, Andara and Lebak Bulus direction doesn’t stopped at Lap. Mabes Polri
JAK37 (Cililitan – Condet via Kayu Manis)Route Diversion, Cililitan direction doesn’t stopped at Mushola Assalam s/d Ciliwung. Condet direction doesn’t stopped at Simpang Dewi Sartika s/d Mushola Assalam
10C (Pelabuhan Tj Priok – Tanjung Priok)Special Line will be operated during the Holiday between April 6-9, 2024 and April 12-15, 2024


Wednesday, 03 April 2024

JAK25 (Kp. Rambutan – Kalisari)Route Diversion, Kp. Rambutan direction doesn’t stopped at Kelurahan Baru s/d Simpang Pertengahan Kamboja
7F (Kp. Rambutan – Juanda) da 10D (Kp. Rambutan – Tanjung Priok)Route diversion, diverted via TMII toll road, doesn’t stopped at Halte Flyover Raya Bogor s/d Pasar Induk


Thursday, 04 April 2024

JAK75 (Kp. Pulo – Halim P K)Shortening of the route to Seksi Dinas Pendidikan Makassar – Halim P K, doesn’t stopped at Kp. Pulo s/d Jl. H. Emuntipala 1
S21 (BSD Serpong – St. MRT Fatmawati)Route Diversion, first stop changes to Giant BSD


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