Ways to stay updated about changes with Moovit

In these turbulent times, Moovit is working around the clock to make sure that you, our users, have the most up-to-date information and public transit schedules. We have many tools that we are using to ensure that our schedules are up-to-date and are reflecting all the dynamic changes that are occurring worldwide. 

For all urgent communication, make sure to allow push notifications from Moovit in order to stay on top of all the changes. 

Since we are careful not to bombard you with too many push notifications, stay tuned to other in-app channels for updates. When you open the app, look for a bar message at the bottom of your screen with updates or, alternatively, a full screen popup.  

Moovit also collects and publishes Service Alerts in several locations inside the application. All the Service Alerts for your city can be checked by clicking on “Agency Alerts” in the side menu. If you are looking for information about a specific line, Service Alerts also appear by line.

The icons to the right of the line will indicate if there is an active Service Alert. Tapping on a line with a service alert will show the line details as well details from the Service Alert. (If this is a line that you take frequently, you can also subscribe to receive push notifications about future Service Alerts associated with that line.)


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