100 special buses for weekends & holidays!!

May 8, 2019

    MTC has introduced 100 special buses covering various parts of Chennai on weekends.

    The changes were introduced on Friday & will be in effect till June 30.

    Covering tourist destinations including Anna Square, Kovalam, Vandalur Zoological Park and Mahabalipuram on Weekends and government holidays.

    To facilitate commuters to participate in temple festivals, the new bus will operate to Periyapalayam, Thiruverkadu and Siruvapuri Murugan temple.

    As many as 50 special buses have been introduced connecting Anna Square with parts of Chennai,

    Also, 21 bus will facilitate commuters to travel to Vandalur Zoological park on weekends.

    The special will run on routes 21G, 27L, 25G, 11H, 12G, 45B, 45E, 102, 13, 6D, 2A, 27B, 22B, 27H, 40A, 29A, 500, 517, B18, G18, E18, 70V, 99, V51, 517 cut, 109 cut, 515, 588, 514, 547,580, 159, 50, 72C, 29E and 59.

    The ticket fares in these buses will be higher than regular fare.




    Moovit wishes you happy and safe traveling!!




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