Get a monthly pass and take multiple rides on metro rail

March 29, 2019

    Commuters can now enjoy rides on metro multiple times a day as CMRL launched a monthly pass.

    Passengers will have to pay Rs 2,500 with an additional refundable fee of Rs 50 to purchase the ‘tourist card’.

    With this card, commuters can travel to any station at any time of the day for an entire month.

    The pass is also for officegoers and tourists who use the metro rail facility multiple times in a day.

    To be noted, metro service has an average ridership of 90,000 per day.

    At present, the CMRL offers a tourist card for Rs 100 + Rs 50 as refundable fee that allows unlimited rides only for a single day.

    There is also a trip card that allows passengers to a set specific number of trips within a specific number of days between two



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