111P Re-routing

November 6, 2016

    111P Re-routing from 7 November.

    Cross Harbour Route 111P will implement more direct routeing. It departs from Choi Fook, and drives towards Central (Macau Ferry). When arriving Clear Water Bay, it will directly drive via Prince Edward Road East. It will omit on Lung Cheung Road, Hammer Hill Road and Choi Hung Road.

    Operating Hours:

    7:07am; 7:17am; 7:40am; 7:55am

    Mondays to Saturdays (Except Public Holidays)

    Suspended Bus Stops: 

    • Tan Fung House, Choi Hung Estate, Leung Cheung Rd.
    • Kam Wan House, Choi Hung Estate, Hammer Hill Rd.
    • Sze Mei Street, Choi Hung Rd.
    • Choi Hung Rd. Playground
    • Ning Yuen St., Choi Hung Rd

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