Air pollution in Bengaluru to go up by 74% by 2030

February 16, 2019
    It will be primarily because of vehicle exhaust, construction dust, and on-road dust in the city

    Pollution may increase by 74% by 2030, led primarily by vehicle exhaust, construction dust, and on-road dust.

    Central Pollution Control Board’s (CPCB’s) emissions inventory had projected that PM10 levels would grow by 300% by 2017

    For now, Bengaluru’s air may be cleaner than other major metros, but the increases in the future should be a call to act now.

    The share of public transport and non-motorised transport systems (cycling and walking) will fall from 62% of total trips undertaken in the city currently to just 48% by 2031.

    Consequently, average vehicular speeds will lower from 17 to just 11 km per hour.

    Even the master plan shows that trips by private vehicles will rise at the cost of public transport.

    There must be policies to change this pollution (higher parking charges, for instance) which can dissuade the use of private transport.


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