Arjun’s adventures in public transit in India

January 31, 2018

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    In India, Arjun first came across the Mooviter Community when a friend introduced him to the Moovit App. He saw the opportunity to join the community to improve his city’s public transit information and earn points along the way, and was immediately hooked.

    Arjun’s first project was to improve the data in Banglore – a project that is never complete, as the bustling city’s public transit network is constantly changing. Arjun helps in other cities as well. For example, he successfully completed mapping the transit network in the city of Mysuru.

    Arjun’s favorite part of contributing and being a leader in his community is interacting with his fellow Mooviters. He is happy to answer newcomer questions and feels proud that regardless of language barriers, he can help people travel around his and many others in India with ease

    Despite challenges of acquiring accurate data in his locale, he is never deterred. He continues to push forward, doing whatever he can to get the most accurate information to all current and future users of the Moovit App.

    In addition to mapping in multiple cities and communicating with fellow Mooviters in India, Arjun helps with numerous other projects that help to improve service for all users. To name a few examples, he maps out entrances and exits to help users navigate through large stations, as well as building a fare calculator, which is already live in Bangalore!

    This is just the beginning for Arjun, as he plans to continue improving Bangalore and mapping more cities in India. Arjun notes his appreciation of the Moovit Team for supporting him and helping him to realize his goals for public transit in India – “The Moovit Team (especially Charlie and Gaby) helped me understand and gave me the right motivation for me to continue updating information.”

    Arjun utilizes his many talents, including his computer science skills and vast knowledge of the local transit network, to greatly improve the services offered to public transit riders in India. We know we’re not the only one’s impressed, so for that we say – way to go, Arjun!